Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pictures are worth many words

Hopefully the flash works since I decided to try putting pictures in a slideshow for the sake of saving space. However, if it doesn't, I have provided the link to the album here.

To better narrate the story, I spent a few hours sorting through the arthropod samples that Lizzie had in the fridge, measuring their lengths, drying them, and then weighing them for their mass. Later on, we hope to be able to determine whether or not there is a correlation between arthropod weight and amount of herbivory on the shrubs.

The rest of last week was dedicated the remaining shrub samples and sub-samples that were still in the fridge. I separated them into new growth and old growth bags, with new growth being anything that contained leaves and were still "green" and old growth as everything else. These bags were also popped into the dryer, which sat there for ~96 hours each before I were able to measure their weight. To account for the paper bag weight, I also included 4-5 empty paper bags which were dried as is and weighed before I took out the samples. I'll most likely be adding more information here later on to show what our analysis of the data brings us. Hopefully it's something exciting!

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